I had a partial shoulder replacement on my right shoulder.After Medicare failed to.provide me with the help I so desperately needed my Sister "Senator" Elvi Gray-Jàckson of Alaska contacted Le Choix Home Care. My sister who is not a rich woman paid out of her own pocket to get me the immediate help I needed. She hired Le Choix who in.turn sent me Gina.Gina.was Excellent. She is attentive Caring and did everything I needed done.I RATE Le Choix Home Care 5 stars and then some ..Thank You Le Choix Home Care of Irvington NJ..You are highly recommended bye Veronica Gray..God Bless

Veronica Gray

"Le Choix is a great home care agency. They provided a nurse to help take care of my wife during her last days. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to them. They provide exceptional service."

Harvey Property

Le Choix Home Care is exactly what it means. It is the only choice for home care and I highly recommend using their services.


The owners of Le Choix treat everyone with respect. Without a doubt, I would recommend that everyone uses their services.


Le Choix Home Care was built on a passion to help others. The founders of Le Choix have a drive to help others because they once needed the services.